Neurodiversity Support For Organisations

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Comprehensive Neurodiversity Support For Organisations With Our Enterprise Licensing

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Neurodiversity Support For Organisations

Our Enterprise License is designed to support organisations in nurturing an inclusive and knowledgeable workplace.

Equip your entire team with resources that foster personal and professional growth, tailored to meet the diverse needs of every individual, neurodivergent or neurotypical.

  • Inclusion Without Borders

    Access our portal in a growing number of languages and tailored to your region, from local legislation to specific resources. Discover content that resonates specifically with you. Relevant at every step.

  • Unrestricted Support - Always

    Experience NeuroBridge as an extension of your internal team. With everything from guided FAQs and personalised coaching sessions, to assistance in tailored resource creation. We're here to boost your confidence and mastery of neurodiversity strategies.

  • Remove The Requirement For Disclosure

    Allow your teams to engage with resources on their terms, no disclosure required. Create an environment for exploration and growth, where individuals can safely unlock the potential of neurodivergence, free from any obligations to share personal details.

  • Neurodiversity Inclusion Training

    Equip your whole team with the tools they need with our all-encompassing Neurodiversity Inclusion Training, now included in our Enterprise Licenses. Seamless, hassle-free, and always accessible, it’s designed to keep everyone informed and included, no matter their circumstance or stage in their journey.

Neurodiversity Support For Organisations

NeuroBridge® Online Resource Portal

An online environment optimised for all individuals to self-direct their learning in areas most relevant to their personal experience.

Our portal provides a wealth of knowledge for individuals to gain a deeper understanding of neurodiversity; 

Neurodivergent Individuals can ensure they learn how to harness their unique talents and thrive personally and professionally. 

Managers can learn tailored approaches to specific circumstances, and equip themselves with tools and materials to navigate topics like Reasonable Adjustments.

Wider Teams can access our Online Inclusivity Tools and Training, no need for training duplication for illness or new starters.

Become an industry leader for inclusivity and awareness.

Recognition of greatness

NeuroBridge Accreditation

Independent public display of your organisation’s dedication to promoting neurodiversity and inclusion. Showcase your innovation; become a champion for your neurodiverse workforce.

Our accreditation system is structured around measurable metrics, each of which is independent of any NeuroBridge-specific solutions.

Neurodiversity Support For Organisations

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